About Us


Me (Deepak Sharma) and My Wife (Shashi) Lived happily before the pandemic strikes like other loving couples, 1st phase was great as we all are very happy in our family we have enough time for our parents and children’s we are taking every precaution as much as possible to be safe, every day we try new dishes learning new things we join several online courses. We think that we have enough strong immunity to fight this kind of virus, and after the lockdown finishes, we all go back to our work. After some time covid-19 case spikes again we think nothing will happen it will be passed as 1st phase is gone.

But all of sudden everything is changed drastically we all are suffered from covid-19 everybody is home in quarantine we all stuck in a single room, but unfortunately, Shashi (My Wife) got a savior situation we will rush to the hospital for Covid-19 tests, our test is Negative but our doctor suggests for a CT-Scan, after CT-Scan report we are stunned Her score is 18/25 and oxygen level at 72-75. My doctor said you don’t have enough time just go and search for a bed in the hospital. With god's grace, we have found a Bed in our nearest hospital. After 10 days of hard work by our doctors finally we reached home.

During the recovery phase we are facing some after-effects of covid-19 like Hair loss, Under Eye Dark Circles, Skin Dullness, Blood Pressure soaring (170/130), Increased sugar Levels, Increase in Cholesterol, Digestion Problems, Body Weakness, Sleep Disorder.

Once Again we rush to doctors with our problems and they suggest a full body checkup. After seeing the reports we are shocked that we have a deficiency of Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Omega Fatty Acids, Calcium, and an increase in LDL levels (Bad Cholesterol) etc.

Now, this is the time to think that why this all will happen to us.

And after 10-15 days of following the doctor's prescribed medicines and diets, finally, we found the answer, this will all happen because of our weak body system. Like a normal family, we think 2 roti in Breakfast 4 roti in lunch, and 4 roti in Dinner is enough for our body. Like all other people we have not taken any nutritional diets or fiber, we don’t know what actually our body needs. We don’t know about Vitamins and minerals which is very essential for us. Then we think, we have to do something for ourselves and our community. We start exploring things and brands which is best and complete for our daily needs but we are unable to find them as per our needs so we decide to launch a clean, sugar and preservative-free brand FirVeda (Under Fitnessveda E Commerce Service) for general wellness and today we proudly say that we have done it. Hope you all want to join our clean, sugar and preservative-free life journey.